10 Beautiful Images of Cities Covered in Fog

White blanket of fog adds a layer of mystery and beauty to cities, giving them a serene look.  Here’s 10 incredible pictures of the cities around the world covered in a white blanket of fog.

Dubai Skyscrapers

Winter Fog Blanketing Dubai Skyscrapers, © kertu_ee

Chicago Fog

Extremely Foggy Day in Chicago © billnoll

Shanghai Fog

Aerial View Of Shanghai Under Fog © ansonmiao

Fog Over Vancouver

Fog Over Vancouver, Canada © GlowingEarth

Fog Over Shanghai

Modern Office Buildings in Shanghai Under Fog © jianying yin

Fog Over Vancouver

Fog Over Vancouver, Canada © GlowingEarth

Golden Gate Bridge Fog

Famous Golden Gate Bridge with Low Fog, San Francisco © Spondylolithesis

Mist Enshrouds the Iconic New York City Skyline © Luke Abrahams

Hong Kong Skyscrapers in Stratosphere Fog at Night © zorazhuang

Shanghai Skyline in Sea of Clouds © zorazhuang

Adrift from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

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