10 Beautiful Pictures by Yuliya Art

Yuliya Art is a photographer from Ontario, Canada who has an incredibly wide range of artistic abilities. Besides taking pictures, she also paints, draws, designs jewelry and produces digital artwork. Having varied interests has undoubtedly given her a unique edge on photography, as her beautiful work shows.

You can browse through more of Yuliya’s photos at her blog or etsy shop.

vines window twilight steampunk

Friendly Neighborhood

Sunset on the Lake - twilight photo Europe landscape

Sunset on the Lake

Red Apple Story Eve

Apple Story

Breath Of Fresh Air blue sky sunlight

Breath Of Fresh Air

Sunny Plums - fruit

Sunny Plums

Before the Storm beach water sea ocean wave

Before the Storm

Silver Light

Silver Light

Back Yard red roses blossom garden

Back Yard

Majestic Castle fairy tale

Majestic Castle

Blue Iris

Blue Iris

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aiman tahir

an apple a day keeps the doctor away .

Yuliya Art

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you very much for choosing my photographs, I am very happy you like them! 🙂

My Best Wishes to you and your readers 🙂

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