10 Cute Pictures of Kittens and Ducklings by Amy Tyler

Amy Tyler is a self-taught photographer from the rolling hills of Tennessee. She loves bringing her camera into the woods and photographing wildlife and, especially, weeds like dandelions and thistles. Besides that, she enjoys taking pictures for nurseries and children’s rooms, e.g., the following pictures of kittens and ducklings. Although cats and ducks are on opposite sides of the food chain, Amy shows that they’re an excellent match in photography, since they both have incredibly adorable babies.

To see more of Amy’s pictures, visit her etsy shop: Amy Tyler Photography.

Safe in the Snow kitten

Safe in the Snow

Little Black Duckling


Small gray kitten


Fresh Wonder kitten

Fresh Wonder

Edgar & Sally yellow ducklings

Edgar & Sally

On Cloud Nine kitten

On Cloud Nine

Little Miss Sunshine yellow duckling

Little Miss Sunshine

soft kitten yellow bow


You Make Me Smile yellow ducklings

You Make Me Smile

Little Princess kitten on couch

Little Princess

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Awwwwwww……….ever so cute!!!


The black duckling’s my favourite.

justine yates

update some very cute kitten photos

Janet Warren

Pictures of little animals are always so cute. My DH just asked me what I was smiling about. These!

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