10 Cute Pictures of Shelter Cats and Dogs from Michael Kloth Photography

Michael Kloth is a photographer, a professor and an author of two books, Shelter Cats and Shelter Puppies. Additionally, he is a founding member and the artist coordinator for HeART’s Speak, a non-profit organization that connects artists with animal shelters to help animals find good homes. By professionally photographing shelter animals, artists like Michael raise the likelihood of adoption. These pictures not only save animals’ lives; they also raise public awareness and compassion for rescued dogs and cats, giving them the value they deserve.

To see more of Michael’s photography, visit his websites here and here, or his Etsy shop, Michael Kloth Photography.

Black Puppy





Little Bug




Cat P1834

black kitten


chihuahua dog


lazy cat


Curious Kitten


Four gray kittens

Manga's Kittens

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  1. Jeff Walton

    Really nice selection of work for this post. Photographing these little guys must be fun but also challenging. Michael has done a great job with this.

  2. Gliza Irene

    awwee! Sooo adorable! :)

  3. The Soul Explorer

    Cute pets!

  4. Lorraine Tredinnick

    Superb angles, I love your photo’s.

  5. doreen

    i wont call it cute for some look so lonely and some look so scary.

  6. Laura

    I think what he is doing is fabulous. This gives them a better chance to be adopted! Great pictures of all of them. And I absolutely disagree with doreen who thinks some of them look scary??? none of them look scary. The last one with all of the kittens has one that looks like it’s ready to pounce. some cats get that focused “look” when anything is above them.

  7. romana


  8. kumar ss

    Amazing! Love their posing and looks!

  9. Christy Harper

    sooo cute :)

  10. M.Naseema Bhanu

    woooooooooooow…………soooooooooooo nice looooks…….

  11. Solange


  12. Apoorva Selvam

    WoW! these look amazing! :) keep up the good work.
    How did you make them pose so well?? You are just great! :)

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