10 Delicious Food Pictures by Mayan Soffia

Myan Soffie’s photography is so bright and soft, it’s not surprising that she lives in California. She has a great series on Los Angeles, but her food photography is worth its own cookbook. With such beautiful pictures, who needs recipes? To see more of Myan’s work, visit her website or her Etsy shop, Sixth + Main.


Sweets from my sweet

red cherries

you are the cherry on top of my sundae

Pretty Persimmon

Pretty Persimmon

lime slices

i'm a lime girl myself

cinnamon sticks

a little sugar, a little spice no.2

bowl of red cherries

Sweet Summer Kisses


therapy session


we 3 figs

artichoke heart

avoir un cœur d'artichaut

star anise

a little sugar, a little spice no.1

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justin elson

color is superb! love the soft touch it complements the subject matter quite nicely. thanks for sharing these.

David BISE

good pictures

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