10 Interesting Mannequin Pictures

Here are 10 interesting mannequin pictures. In case you missed our photographer post about Achim Koerfer, he has a few great mannequin photos as well.

Luminous Dummy

Luminous Dummy by Michael Summers

Vitrine de Noël

Vitrine de Noël by Panoramas

Nice day in the Park

Nice day in the Park by by JJ

rhızomε award dıscount . .

rhızomε award dıscount . . by Joël Evelyñ & François

City girl

City girl by Frederic Poirot


Lèche-vitrine by Gregory Bastien

Chi sei?

Chi sei? by Adrian Florea

headless mannequins

headless mannequins by James Butler

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss by Panoramas

James, I think your cover's blown!

James, I think your cover’s blown! by Ludovic Bertron

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Astrid Aniwa

Love the caption of the last photograph. Creative!

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