11 Whimsical Portraits From Elle Moss Photography

Pictures by Elle Moss give an impression of solitude and silence, with a tad of surrealism. Her unique poses and props put an imaginative twist on portrait photography, making her subjects seem both fanciful and mysterious.

To see more of Elle’s work. visit her Etsy shop.

Hush - whimsical Fine Art Photograph - rich dreamy mauve portrait - butterflies


Black and White Photography Portrait - Ringleader Photograph - Mustache androgyny dark black surreal portrait movember Under 20


Dark Brown Vintage Photography - A Visit Photograph - deep brown romantic butterfly painterly textured portrait

A Visit

Holiday Photography - Snow White Photograph - dramatic red elegant portrait winter wall decor Under20

Snow White

Whimsical Print - Three Birds umbrella portrait - soft grey mint green photograph charming home decor wall art


Modern Photography Portrait - Cover Up Photograph - soft cool grey retro minimal home decor wall art

Cover Up

surreal modern portrait photography - Tangled Fine Art Photograph - braids dark rich red wine dramatic color print


Modern Mask Portrait - Ladybird Photograph - golden sage green color vintage tones avant garde photography

Lady Bird

Soft Ethereal Mint Photograph - Marie Print - romantic portrait photography modern home decor


lulu Original Signed Fine Art Photograph - deep dramatic black and white portrait


Romantic Photograph - Tie Large Print - cream brown victorian elegance painterly photography


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6 Comments on "11 Whimsical Portraits From Elle Moss Photography"

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Lady Bird – the best


hi i realiy like this photo…..

wedding photographer kent

I like the painting texture. The perspective and imagination is amazing!

David BISE

different and nice pictures

Otto Rascon

I love “Birds” the best. Beautiful and inspiring work.

Eric Christopher Jackson

Each scene tells a story stylistically different. I like the subtle color in some and saturation in others. The “worn” look in most of the images add to the mood really well. “Snow White” feels like it’s in a dream state. “Lulu” is my favorite mainly because I like darker backgrounds with intense lighting. “A Visit” actually looks like a painting on wood to me. Nice texture effect.

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