12 Awesome Dog Portraits by Susan Sabo

Susan Sabo is a professional photographer from Long Beach, CA, who specializes in environmental and animal portraits. Although she runs a full-time business, she still spends part of her time and talent working with rescued animals. Her portraits are clever, heart-warming and full of personality–and, they help the animals. A portion of all her sales are donated to rescue organizations such as HSUS.

To see more of Susan’s photography, visit her Etsy shop or Facebook page.

dog eyes

pelei’s eyes

dog pug tail

shake it, don’t break it

brainiac dog with glasses


dog neck

pelei in black and white

glee happy dog


brother and sister dogs

brother and sister

kona happy dog


curly tongue, curly tailed dog

curly tongue, curly tailed dog

my dogs think I am magic

my dogs think I am magic

dog licking nose

pelei’s lips

get it yourself pug dog

get it yourself

windows to the soul dog eyes

windows to the soul

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