12 Enchanting Pictures of Camargue Horses by Irene Suchocki

The wild white horses of Camargue, France have a mythical charm that can be difficult to capture, but Irene Suchocki has done it. Beauty, mystery and wildness are all there in her amazing photos.

To see more of Irene’s incredible (non-horse) photography, visit her Etsy store: Eye Poetry Photography.

White horse in water

A Heart So White

White horses in the water

Far Away, So Close

White Horses Running

The Ghosts Among Us

White Horses


White Horses Running in Water


White horse of the Camargue

Wild is the Wind

Wild horses in the ocean


White Horse Photograph


Wild Horse

White on white

White horse running through water

Wild at Heart

White Horse


Wild white horses running in the water

The Power of 10

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  1. Joeri

    Nice pictures. The “wild at heart” is the best one for me!

  2. Measie

    My favorite is ‘The Power of 10′…It would be awesome as a wall mural!

  3. Theresa

    The last one is awsome!.. would look great as a panaramic on my wall.

  4. Andy

    Lovely pics bet they would look lovely in black and White as well. Great job though , loved seeing these

  5. Red Chilli Photography

    Stunning! really like the power of 10

  6. Mark - Devon Wedding Photographer

    Brilliant series throughout, but Wild at Heart is my favourite for capturing the great character of this powerful animal.

  7. Muggsy

    Great pictures- the horses look almost ghostl;y. Are they really wild?

  8. maria thereza de barros camargo

    La Camargue – from where my name must come from – shows excellent horses, and perfect photographer. Conngratulations.

    Maria Thereza de Baros Camargo

  9. Robert Gordon

    Stunning images thanks for sharing. How long have you been photographing horses?

  10. Ian de Montfort

    I love Camargue horses and have done since my childhood. Thank you for your amazing photographs. By the way, I think the mustache suits you.

  11. Elodie

    I am from Provence, and in my school days, I have had countless field trips to Camargue. Irene Zuchocki delivered a masterpiece with these 12 photographs. She did indeed manage to capture the spirit of the local wild horses. Thank you Irene for giving me a piece of home to look at whenever I find myself away from home.

  12. Vivian Ericson

    Oh, Stephanie,

    I just love these images, stirring my heart, stirring the well of my own artistic desires. The “white on white” idea is intriguing. Thank you so much for sharing these.

  13. Lucy Baker

    Really like these pics! I’ve always wanted to see them in real life! And someday paint pictures of them. They are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing these!

  14. Perth Wedding Photographer

    Amazing images thanks for sharing. I have question: how long have you been photographing horses?

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