12 Exploding Water Balloon Pictures

Photography is cool. But what’s cooler is when you combine taking pictures and breaking things. Water balloons are cheap and easy to clean up which makes them an easy choice for a photo session of destruction. Plus an exploding water balloon creates a pretty sweet image.

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Prick by Sean Rogers

water balloon

image by michael warren

water balloon

Water Balloon by Abby

Water balloon explosion

Water balloon explosion by Umberto Salvagnin

Water balloon explosion

Water balloon explosion by Umberto Salvagnin


Splash! by Domenico Salvagnin

A blast of the water

A blast of the water by Kevin1027


Pop! by MΛЯK


Water! by Aku :)


WaterFist by Mike Seyfang

Water Bomb

Water Bomb by Mark Robinson

Pop!/Heart explosion!

Pop!/Heart explosion! by Zach Dischner

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