12 Great Pictures of A Room With A View

If you’re working in a room with a great view, you’ll know that a view can be both a major distraction and a wonderful thing to stare at while you mull over ideas, problems, fantasies, etc. In photography, a room with a view is nothing but a blessing. Using the window as a frame, you can create an interesting interaction between the enclosed space of the room and the expansive space outside; or, alternatively, by not showing the view clearly, you create an intriguing composition.

room with a view

Room with a View by ccharmon

room with a view

room with a view by piotr

room with a view

Severalls – Room with a View by Rob Walker

room with a view

A Room With A View by Brooke Anderson

room with a view

Room with a view – Broken Earth Restaurant by Marek

room with a view

A Room with a View by Tabitha Bell

room with a view

Reflections of sound by Marisa Kestel

room with a view

Through the Window by Kameron Walsh

room with a view

Room with a View by Natalia Robert

room with a view

Room With A View by Shelley

room with a view

Her Escape by Valerie

room with a view

Room with a view by Alex Barth

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  1. Peace

    awesome~~~love this post

  2. Marisa Kestel

    Wow. A stunning collection of truly gorgeous photographs. Some of those views are just breath-taking. Thank you for including my view from Pikes Place, Seattle.

  3. Keith Doucet

    Your imagination and forethought into this series is a pleasant feast to the eyes. A well named series.
    I know a lot of us wish we had thought of that idea. Maybe some have but it is your series that I have seen first and they’re wonderful.

  4. tabitha

    this collection is absolutely gorgeous. thank you so much for including my photo!

  5. Shelley Moody

    Such a stunning collection of view photographs. I’m honored to be inluded. Thank you so very much!

  6. Hennie

    Love you photos,spesial the B&W ones

  7. Ayesha

    Superb photographs. My favorites are from Natalia Robert, Allshots Imaging and Brooke Anderson.

  8. Yash Bhatia

    Simply breathtaking.

  9. Teena Maria

    Amazing……….. love your Pics

  10. Shobhit Dwivedi

    how can i take a picture from a car window…??

  11. olga lynn

    amazing pic!!

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