12 Great Pictures of New Orleans by Heather Green

Photographer Heather Green lived in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina ‘blew her north’ to St. Louis. Although she now lives elsewhere, her lovely collection of New Orleans photos retain the city’s atmosphere and Cajun beauty.

New Orleans French Quarter

Casa Hove


New Orleans French Quarter

French Quarter Foyer


New Orleans French Quarter Vintage Bicycle

Bygone Era


New Orleans French Quarter



New Orleans French Quarter

Beautiful Decay


New Orleans French Quarter

City Oasis


New Orleans Hotel Monteleone French Quarter

Hotel Monteleone


New Orleans Preservation Hall French Quarter

Preservation Hall


New Orleans Photography, French Quarter Street Sign

Hello Dauphine


Louisiana Canopy of Oaks

Canopy of Oaks


St. Louis Cathedral New Orleans French Quarter

Towering (black and white)


New Orleans French Quarter Antique Chandelier

New Orleans Chandelier

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  1. Al Newman

    New Orleans is not a Cajun city, and has had minimal Cajun influence compared to other areas in South Louisiana. New Orleans evolved as a port city, originally populated by continental (and frequently urban) French, Spanish, and ambitious early Americans, followed by Carribean émigrés and lots of immigrant groups (especially Irish, Germans, and Italians).

    In contrast, Cajuns were rural French-Canadian farmers expelled from Canada by the British. The Cajun culture is distinct from the Creole culture of New Orleans, despite some overlapping origins in France.

  2. Nate Kay

    Thanks Al for the insight!





  5. Heather Green

    Thanks for the feature!

  6. Foto Marg

    Heather, these are wonderful photos. They are atmospheric. Wonderful textures and colours. Great choice of building elements to feature in the photos.

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