12 Landscape Pictures from Vladimir Longauer Photography

Vladimir Longauer is a photographer from Dublin, Ireland, who uses nature and landscape to create a ‘road to imagination’. His photos have a dark touch of melancholy, which only emphasizes the beauty and imaginative qualities of the scenery.

To see more of his work, visit his website, Etsy store or flickr photo stream .

Norway impressions I. green moss trees

Norway impressions I.

west coast blues ocean rocks

west coast blues

too far far away black and white forest

too far far away

do you see the wind blowing boat on lake

do you see the wind blowing

Ring of Kerry mountain white sky

Ring of Kerry

Paddy's fields blue sky

Paddy's fields

Norway impressions V. dark black forest

Norway impressions V.

Hibernia IV. bird over ocean sky

Hibernia IV.

Norway impressions II. fog over lake

Norway impressions II.

Norway impressions VI. dark trees black forest

Norway impressions VI.

Is whispering nothing reeds in field

Is whispering nothing

When god is busy black sky beach lake

When god is busy

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  1. Jeff

    Really beautiful work by Vladimir, they all have such a mood and are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joeri

    Nice pictures! “when god is busy” is really a piece of art.


    Realy thats all is very nice . really thats not rong “when god is busy” is really a piece of art. I love it veryyyyyyyyyyyy much.

  4. Indra Dian Supitra

    wow really nice picture by Vladimir Longauer
    the best photography i have ever seen

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