12 Minimalistic Pictures from K. Clark Photography

White space is like poetry. There are fewer objects, but the potential for beauty is perhaps greater. For example, take these pictures from K. Clark Photography. Their simplicity highlights the whimsical and wondrous side of everyday objects and moments. Like poetry, it captures what the bigger pictures have missed.

The Book Cottage

The Book Cottage

Hot Red Chili

Hot and Dry

Heart Button

Some Button Loves You

Feather Heart

Light Hearted

Cowgirl Horse


Black and White Daisy

Just Daisy

Candy Corn

Candy Corn Etiquette

Cat Curiosity


Fan Troll

I'm Your Biggest Fan

Watering Can

Summon the Rain

Mended China Bowl


Black and White Sheep


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  1. Kim

    Thanks Stephanie-

    Sometimes less is more, yes?

  2. Janet

    Great post on a great photographer! I’m a big fan of KClarkPhotography and I love her minimalistic work as well. It’s such a treat to get to see it here all together!

  3. Janet W

    I’m proud to say that I know Kim (KClarkPhotography) and I am always amazed at how she consistently photographs from the heart. The camera is merely a tool through which her emotion flows. Her abilities to appreciate the little things and to see what others might miss are the keys to her success. I’m so glad you recognized and featured her talents here. Oh…. and I forgot to mention her sense of humor!

  4. david bise

    top !

  5. The Soul Explorer

    So cute at number 9 photo.

  6. Bill

    Great stuff!

  7. Emi riyani

    Wow keren bgt! Aku suka banget atas karya karyamu! Semangat aja!

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