12 Peaceful Pictures by Tamara Lee

Tamara Lee is a self-taught photographer from Atlanta, GA. Her photography style is soft and light, the kind of pictures that makes you think of a beautiful, quiet weekend. If you need a peaceful moment, visit her Etsy shop,  Bel Atelier Photography, and browse through her lovely pictures.

Coffee and Cream

Coffee and Cream

Thoughtful Rustic Poppy Capsules


Summer Love

Summer Love

Peek - Grey and Brown Squirrel using Caution


Waiting for the Moment - Stairs, Stones and Wrought Iron Hand Rail

Waiting for the Moment

Walk on the Beach

Walk on the Beach

Pier - Ocean Pier Extending out over the Blue Water at Sunset


Little Ballerina - A Girl's Vintage Jewelry Box Twirling Ballerina

Little Ballerina

Sugar - Raspberries and Powdered Sugar


Painting - Jar of Paint Brushes


Green Eyes - House Cat

Green Eyes

Mad Hatter's Tea - Dreamy Vintage Tea Set

Mad Hatter's Tea

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