12 Superb Pictures by J.M. Barclay

According to J.M. Barclay, a photographer from Detroit, Michigan, ‘the term artist represents someone who can take something and turn it in to something that is meaningful for someone else.’ Barclay’s photos make simple scenes and objects look unique through imaginative color and texture, drawing your attention to hidden points of beauty.

For more pictures, visit Barclay’s shop on Etsy.

Little Light flower

Little Light

Ferris Wheel

Lets Go Around

fern plant

Golden Whisper

bird flying in blue sky

Little Dreams On The Wing

crows birds on a wire

Pie Filling

balloons and banner in sky

Summers Day Dream

escalator watch your step

Words Of Wisdom

tree branches in sky

Come Together

spools of thread

Spools Of Joy

top of parasol bumbershoot


banner in sky

Banner Day

Love scrabble tiles

It’s Spelled Love

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I like the birds flying….

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