13 Rustic Pictures from Humbolt Street Photography

Andy and Cindy Serpa are a married couple and a photography pair based in Denver, Colorado. Their pictures are often serene and rustic, the kind of style that makes you want to live in the country. Their store, Humboldt Street Photography, shows how working as a team can sometimes produce incredible photography.

Through The Trees

Through The Trees

Old West Log Cabin

Past Life

Wyoming farmland


There Is No Blue

There Is No Blue

I Come From Nowhere

I Come From Nowhere

Black Cow




Pinto Horse


Caught Leaf


Faded Rose


red leaf

The Leaf

Drift Ashore Beach

Drift Ashore

Love You Mailboxes

Love You

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  1. lebahjakarta

    Wow beautiful picture, good detail too

  2. The Soul Explorer

    Awesome! Keep it up

  3. Sehresh

    Superb detailing..perfct precision. gr8 job :-D

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