14 Great Examples of Portraits That Use Window Lighting

Sometimes the best lighting for a portrait comes naturally through a window.

window lighting

Texture by Paige

window lighting

Light Blonde by Duncan Harris

window lighting

Do you see... by Adriane Dizon

window lighting

image by Jean-Pierre B

window lighting

0229 by CIA DE FOTO

window lighting

...by the balcony. by Jason

window lighting

"I don't want to stare out the window" by Eric Mueller

window lighting

Be True To Thyself by Nicki Varkevisser

window lighting

image by Katrina DeFrancesco

window lighting

Rumination by Nicholas

window lighting

winter morning shadow-light study by Flóra Soós

window lighting

Waiting for the Bay by Nick Coombe

window lighting

Christmas Dawns by Marcy Kellar

window lighting

Visione by Daniel Zedda

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  1. perth wedding photographer

    great stuff, i love the use of natural light from widows

  2. benjamin larson

    I couldn’t agree more! Here’s one of my recent favs from a wedding: http://www.bjlphoto.com/Events/Weddings/Tufo-Keating-Wedding/18792606_X2TRcf#1455443101_FWqDQnJ

  3. Mitch Gawlik

    I have to disagree. Sure, there are a few great shots but one is too washed out with little detail left in the face, and one is basically a shot of nothing but reflections along with a
    plane interior panel. There’s plenty of light in both, but not used to good advantage. I’d bet both photogs have better examples.

  4. David Bise

    natural window light is top !

  5. Andy

    I agree with Mitch. Most of these shots are very sub par.
    Only the last few are any good.

  6. Mike

    Three or four are ok the rest not good at all.

  7. Dan Ferrall

    The window light theme is a good one and while some of the examples shown are nice, the majority are not (IMHO) very good samplings of well done use of window light.

    The article title specifically states “great.” Out of the fourteen, perhaps three approach “great.” The others exhibit significant compositional flaws which detract from the potential of what the capture might have been.

    I don’t offer my comments in a manner meant to do anything other than to encourage article readers to look beyond the effort of simply getting close to a light filled window and thinking that much of the rest will take care of itself.

    Here is a “great” book on elements of composition which when paired with the “Window Light” theme of the article might be a good way to achieve “great” results based on the theme.

    Portland, Oregon

  8. Unaiz

    Brilliant showcases! Window lighting looks great, thanks for sharing

  9. daniel scott

    pictures are good but it should be natural

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