14 Images with Lovely Light Beams

A beam of light can add a lovely feeling to a photo. Here are 14 images that are definitely better because of a few light beams.

light beam

Jeff Solak

light beam

Brent Pearson

light beam

Hartwig HKD

light beam


light beam

Victor Bezrukov

light beam


light beam


light beam

milena mihaylova

light beam


light beam

Nicholas A. Tonelli

light beam

Bahman A-Mahmoodi

light beam

Lori C.

light beam


light beam

David Ohmer

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  1. Yasmin Anderson-Smith

    Simply beautiful. Great work.

  2. Lori C.

    Thanks so much for including my photo. I’m honored!

  3. pskrishnan nampoothiri

    very very good by psknampoothiri

  4. Gary S. Lukich Sr.

    Excellent photo’s in their own right.
    As a photographer for many years, I have found
    That you have to be satisfied with your work first,
    Before you put it forth.
    One thing that always drove me crazy over the years were
    Judges who didn’t have a clue and intimidated up and
    Comming artists.
    Hope to see many more pictures ans subjects in future editions.

  5. Raquel lopez-chicher

    Beautiful photos!

  6. Kerly

    Nice choice of photos, but the reality is these are very hard to capture. I have always struggled on that, while admiring other people’s work. I think I just need more practice. Thank you for inspiring!

  7. marietta

    congrats very good job. i enjoyed

  8. Samantha Riddle

    these are beautiful,well done.

  9. DLF Bangalore


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