14 Marvelous Rain Pictures

There is something about a cool rainy day that makes you want to make something hot and relax on the couch while listening to the raindrops hit the roof. I enjoy the rain, as long as it doesn’t stick around all day. Here are 14 marvelous rain pictures that will inspire you to run out into the sprinkles from the sky with your camera rather than sit around on a couch like me.


A Buddha in the Rain by Hartwig HKD


Raining... by Pieter Musterd


Red Umbrella by EJP Photo


Stormy Days by EJP Photo


When it rains... by EJP Photo


Tango Sepia by Pedro J Pacheco


A walk in the rain by Marcel Germain


image by Dude Crush


On the water by Ken Douglas


Rain in NYC by zamario


Thomas in the rain by jclutter


I'm all alone I smoked my friends down to the filter by Adrien Florea


Monsoon Bliss by ram reddy


Where The Rainbow Starts by Kuzeytac

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  1. utari

    great post, nice pictures, i call it ‘shoot in the rain’..

  2. yulianti

    rain it’s really nice… :D

    • m.dhanalakshmi

      I love to dance in rain……………………rain is the gift of god from the heaven shows that there is no partiality by means of regions……….. i love rain ………………it connects the people living different places in the world……….dear brothers and sisters pleases love rain and try to learn the goodness of the rain

  3. Aditya

    very nice post :) loved the photos

  4. aiva

    photographer take the photo marvelously… so great…

  5. ridwan

    i really want to take a picture like those, but i’m just a newbie

  6. kiwi

    nice pics………:)

  7. eka

    it’s cooool… great post!!

  8. oky

    wowh… it’s so inspirative and creative photos

  9. sonia

    luvly pics…luv the rains ;-)

  10. soni rai

    lovely pics….i luv rain

  11. babuchemban

    oll very beautiful……

  12. James

    Beautiful pictures! I always try to take pictures in the rain, it’s a hard subject to capture! This is my best effort- http://picturesinjapan.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/day-9-caught-in-the-rain/

  13. marysuzie

    very beautiful i like it… i always
    like to played in the rain, i like
    ur photography pictures….

  14. Ram

    Rains pouring in daytime is always-a beautiful sight
    At the same time they are’nt appealing during night
    In drenching in rains-one gets attuned- with nature
    No doubt rains in hill areas-is a heart-filling feature

  15. ATIF


  16. padmalatharavi

    very cool….


    AWE!…I kike that Pictures.

  18. essak

    i like that

  19. michael

    nice pics,great job

  20. maria

    these pics are awsum i love these

  21. armina

    i really enjoy it.

  22. Anita Shyam

    Beautiful pictures!

    on.fb.me/Utzgqv – This, I believe, is my my best shot at a rain picture. One of those serendipitous times when I happened to be in the right place at the right time. :)

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