14 Sweet Pictures of Heart-Shaped Fruit

If you need a last-minute Valentine’s Day greeting, a quick solution is cutting hearts out of fruit and attaching them to makeshift cards/post-it notes. Heart-shaped fruit pieces are also nice props for romance-themed photo shoots. Each heart cut-out has a unique appearance depending on the type, shape and color of fruit, so you might need to experiment with several varieties before you’re satisfied.

Summer melon heart

Summer melon by Marianne LoMonaco

Pear Heart

Pear Heart by Yvette Gysen-Newman

Cup Full of Strawberries, Strawberry Heart

Cup Full of Strawberries, Strawberry Heart by Ottilie Simpson

The healthy heart diet apple

The healthy heart diet by JenniPenni

eat your heart out pear

eat your heart out by Elizabeth Sarah Dinner

Carve your heart out yourself apple

Carve your heart out yourself by Marianne LoMonaco

For The Love of Lime heart

For The Love of Lime by Cassidy Edwards

Tangerine Heart

Tangerine Heart by Demet Gunuc

Heart watermelon

Heart of the Melon by Kelly Vanderslice

My Heart is All Yours

My Heart is All Yours by myan soffia

lemon and poppy seeds

lemon & poppy seeds by Monika Kritikou

Watermelon heart

Watermelon by Marianne LoMonaco

Heart YOU Melon

Heart YOU Melon by Kelly Vanderslice

Apple love heart

Apple love by photographybykarina

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very vrey beautiful


Happy Valentines day!
Very clever photos.

The Soul Explorer

Cute! 😀

Jessica Tran

Great ideas! Especially the watermelon 🙂

maria thereza de barros camargo
maria thereza de barros camargo

Stephaie, here you are again, this time teaching us about Valentine harts on fruits. Thank you again, as always.

from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lorna Worrie

Cute, I love it. You are a Darling


I love your idea as I love my self.Abig THANKS

gopal shroti

very interesting hearts….thnx.

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