15 Awesome Pictures of Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are one of those animals that not everyone has as a pet, but this cute and cuddly cousin of the porcupine will make a great model for your next photography mood, if you can get a hold of one. In the meantime, check out these 15 awesome pictures of hedgehogs.

acorn dustpan

acorn dustpan by Justin and Elise

hello emi!

hello emi! by The Hadfields

The face of a baby hedgehog

The face of a baby hedgehog by Sarah McManiman

Dont go chasin' waterfalls...

Dont go chasin' waterfalls... by Justin and Elise

Baby Hedgehog

Baby Hedgehog by Sarah McManiman

A Hedgehog's Back

A Hedgehog's Back by Denis Defreyne

Autumn Acorn

Autumn Acorn by Justin and Elise

Baby Hedgehog

Baby Hedgehog by Sarah McManiman


Sunao-san by yoppy

Gendo the Hedgehog

Gendo the Hedgehog by Tiffany Bailey


Annie by j.gresham


Kissifrot by Nicolas


Hedgehog by Jarkko Laine

Stop following me...

Stop following me... by Alexandre Dulaunoy


Hedgehog by Ariston Collander

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  1. Claire

    Wonderful pictures, Hedgehogs are so adorable!

  2. James M Singleton

    They are really nice sharp pictures.

  3. dana

    i love their l’il ol’ lady toes. Vnvnvnnn

  4. beeas

    lol so cute<3

  5. dani

    nice photos

  6. Peter Haken

    Hedgehog Bokeh love it

  7. David bise

    si tendre

  8. Industrial Photographer

    Such a lovely collection of hedgehogs. Just loved it, so cute.

  9. saintgoody

    That’s veryyyyyyyyyyyyy cute! close-up, clear and refreshing great shots.

  10. MARYJAYNE k Murphy-Rosito

    I have 2 pinto & three Africans Mozart is the daddy, Milan is the mommy three babies sugarplum is pinto (f) baby, mistletoe (f)African baby, Secret (m) African baby born day before thanksgiving! They r my babies they r happy n love to eat &play ESP sleep!

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