15 Awesome Pictures of Lightning Over Water

Lightning strikes are often associated with solid objects like trees and tall buildings, but they can also hit bodies of water. Lightning over lakes or oceans is especially beautiful at night because it’s even brighter, reflecting off the surface of the dark water. However, be forewarned that taking pictures of lightning–particularly on a beach–can be dangerous.

Lightning on the Lake

Lightning on the Lake by Karissa Zelman

Lightning on water

OBX Lightning by Sarah Melvin

Lightning Boats

Lightning Boats by Jamie Betts

lightning over water

Lightning Down Pier by Luke Schneider

Lightning Bolt over the Ocean

Lightning Bolt over the Ocean by Kacie Fitzhugh

Lightning over water

Heat Lightning by Phalinn Ooi

Ocean lightning

Ocean lightning by Andrew Malone

lightning over water

lightning-strike by Jim

lightning over water

nature at war by Jeremy Daccarett

lightning over water

Tormenta / Storm by Vero Villa

lightning over water

Storm by Stephen Dann

lightning over water

Image by Phil Ejercito

Thunder Lightning over Geneva

Thunder over Geneva by Ville Oksanen

Lightning on the Columbia River

Lightning on the Columbia River by Ian Boggs

lightning over water

Image by MarshallMatthew

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These are great. Lightning is such a cool thing to view from a distance or in a photo. I love watching thunderstorms on the horizon, but definitely not too close! 🙂


These are all so beautiful and dramatic! Thank you for including my photo.


Awesom So Awesom pictures,Thanks

Jeremy Daccarett

Thank you so much for including my photo. The other photos are exceptional!

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