15 Beautiful Photos Taken with the Nifty Fifty

While it’s fun having expensive gear, it’s not always a necessity for producing beautiful images. One of the most inexpensive lenses you can buy is the 50mm f/1.8, also known as the “Nifty Fifty”. This extremely light, plastic lens almost feels like a toy – something made for kids to play with and be a pretend-photographer. However, the images below speak for themselves – sharp, beautiful, commercial-quality photographs which prove that even low-cost gear can produce award-worthy images.


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Jesse Kruger


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Robert S. Donovan


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Robby Mueller


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Neal Fowler


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Zitona


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Joel Olives


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Brett Weinstein


Nifty Fifty

Photo by { pranav }


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Tetsumo


Nifty Fifty

Photo by aussiegall


Nifty Fifty
Photo by Ben Smith


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Helga Weber


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Sherman Geronimo-Tan


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Mark Sebastian


Nifty Fifty

Photo by Christopher O’Donnell


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  1. TylerIngram

    It is nice what that sub-$100 lens can capture. I’m actually on to my second one (the first one fell and broke pretty good). But its nice to be able to use it in low-light situations as well as keep the camera a bit smaller when room is an issue.

    Just have to get used to the manual-zoom it has ;)

  2. Robert McKenzie

    I bought my nifty-fifty while waiting for a lens I ordered for my Canon 60D – the best $130 you will ever spend on a lens. Even though it’s mostly plastic, it’s sharp and vibrant, good for the occasional HD video as well. I love using it.

  3. Kathleen Crossley

    Once again you have impressed me with your always inspirational and informative blog. :D

  4. Martin

    it’s my everytime-on lens – a great bokeh and a very impressive short focus are the best friends, if you take portrait pictures. on my last trip, i took all my pictures with this great lens: http://www.flickr.com/photos/netzmensch

  5. Christopher O'Donnell

    It’s an underrated lens but has quite the cult following…you can also buy a macro +10 filter that attaches to the 50mm, which produces high-quality images and lots of fun to work with. The last photo on this list, which is mine, won first place in an Outdoor Photographer Magazine contest out of over 7,000 entries….and it was taken with the nifty fifty with the macro +10 filter…so while the quality of your gear definitely has it’s place, it can only take your images so far :)

    Martin….saw your street work taken with this lens, incredible photos – you definitely know how to use this lens well.

  6. Beth De Simon

    Thank you so much for sharing all you do!

  7. bycostello

    great lens, great pics…

  8. Liam

    Some fantastic shots you’ve collected here. I loved my lens so much i set up a project to shoot everything with a 50mm lens at f/1.8.

  9. Christopher O'Donnell

    Liam your 50mm photography is fantastic!

  10. Joseph Fryer

    I love the shots. I actually bought this lens on the advice of my best friend and fellow photographer. I’ve never looked back when using it either I love it. The crisp look of the pictures and everything are amazing. One of the best lenses I’ve ever bought.

  11. Pranav

    Thanks for using my image.
    Regards, { pranav }

  12. Arnaldo I. Aquino

    I don’t usually comment on images posted but these were compelling, amazingly beautiful pictures taken with the nifty fifty, my own favorite lens too. It was the first lens i got after i got my camera with the kit lens. Best decision i made. Lens i use when i do street photography. Recently lent it to a friend so he could experience a new dimension in his photography bhind the 50mm.
    Keeep shooting with the nifty fifty everyone!

  13. Preston Stohs

    I love my 50! Great collection of photos, and as displayed above, there is more to a 50mm lens than just fantastic creamy backgrounds and bokeh, high quality sharp low light images are obtainable as well.

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