15 Charming Pictures of Children Taking Pictures

Watching a child use a camera, especially a very large camera, is as charming as it is fascinating. What kind of pictures will they take? What will they find interesting? Regardless of how the photos turn out, photographer parents are sure to feel pride when their kids start picking up the trade, just like mom and dad.

Little Girl Photographer

Girl Photographer by Karie Jorgensen

kids taking pictures

Image by Cara-lee Gevers

kid with camera

Image by Cara-lee Gevers

kid with camera

Image by Cara-lee Gevers

Future Photographer

Future Photographer by Alison Scott

girl photographer

The Portrait by Mandy Bryant

girl with camera

Charlotte aux Tuileries by InesAmd

boy with camera

Emilien is taking picture with my Minolta by Sebastien Wiertz

Girl with camera

Girl with camera by Paul Haahr

girl with camera

Image by thejbird

girl with camera

Gotcha!!! by William Cho

girl with camera

Prodigy (#39737) by mark sebastian

boy with camera

Esperando el momento… by Rodolfo Araiza G.

girl with camera

CLICK… by Jônatas Cunha

young photographer

young photographer by muha…

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  1. Alison

    So very sweet! I love a child behind a camera :)

  2. Karie Jorgensen

    I love all these photos and what a creative concept…thanks so much for featuring my girl photographer photo!

  3. Darren Carroll

    Wonderful photos. Reminds me of my childhood, but it really brings to light the creative nature we have as children. Good work at all.

  4. JD Lasica

    Do kids with video cameras count?


  5. Dee - Tauranga Photographer

    Wow. There’s some great kid shots there. Much inspiration for capturing my 3 little future photographers in the act of snapping. Thanks!

  6. anurag dikshit

  7. Courtenay

    Love these photos!
    Our baby is only 8 months old but I can’t wait until she’s ready to pick up and use a camera! :)


  8. DMSSGunarathna

    Wow… really nice pix,reminds me of my childhood…

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