15 Great Pictures of Black Cats

Since we’re getting closer to Halloween, a post dedicated to black cats was much needed. Although some might argue that this is an entire post of bad luck, you also must admit that these 15 pictures hit a ten on a rating scale of greatness.

Lucifer Lomo

Lucifer Lomo by Carl Jones

Ancient roman cat

Ancient roman cat by Gianluca Carnicella


Untitled by Sean Rogers


Untitled by Joy

Yoshi Is Ready For His Close-up

Yoshi Is Ready For His Close-up by puck90


Two by Daniel Horacio Agostini


Mirada by Nacho

Rien à dire, ma petite!

Rien à dire, ma petite! by abbesses

Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes by Trish

Le Chat Noir

Le Chat Noir by nebojsa mladjenovic

Paranoid Eyes

Paranoid Eyes by Leon Rice-Whetton

Mimine joue à cache-cache, chat noire

Mimine joue à cache-cache, chat noire by BreesyBreizh


Still by meckey

black cat

black cat by postbear

A Black Cat Crosses My Path Every Day

A Black Cat Crosses My Path Every Day by Alan Turkus

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  1. Ruben Tavares

    Got to love black cats :) have one too, called Pantufa, check her out:

  2. Lemwelle Rosales

    I do’t particularly like cats but these shot are really amazing! Nice job.

  3. ALKA

    Very wonderfull cats! :)

  4. freya

    very beautiful

  5. Jean Jagodzinski

    As the human guardian of two black dogs and a black rabbit, I can thoroughly appreciate these photographs. Black animals are not that easy to capture!

  6. Lisa

    Nice photos! I keep seeing all black squirrels.

  7. yvonne

    love black cats, amazing pics

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