15 Great Pictures of Koi Fish

Photographing fish can be difficult even if you have an underwater camera or are visiting an aquarium. One of the few fish that you can capture really well without wading into the water are koi, which are bright and large enough to see clearly through dark water. Koi can give a simple pond a certain mystique, as well, with their graceful movements, vibrant colors and long, flowing fins.

Koi Fish Pond

Koi Fish Pond by Robin Epstein

Winter fades koi fish pond

Winter fades by Gina Signore

Surfacing koi fish

Surfacing by Diana Pappas

Koi Lily pond

Koi Lily by Susan Lussier O’Connor

Zen Pond koi fish

Zen Pond by Scarlett Ella

a moment koi fish pond

a moment by annie kruyer

koi fish

Image by Takashi Tomooka

koi fish female

10 bucks says this is a female by NCinDC

Koi Convention Under the Clouds

Koi Convention Under the Clouds by geraldbrazell

koi fish

‘What the hell are you looking at?’ by NCinDC

golden japanese koi fish

waterballet by Martina Rathgens

koi fish and duck

The impossible love story between a koi and a duck by jphilipg

koi fish

Image by Kamillo Kluth

koi fish

Image by Edward Lim

how koi - desktop background wallpaper

how koi – desktop background wallpaper by (matt)

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