15 Half-Faced Portrait Pictures

Portraits are always more interesting if they are done in a unique way. Here are 15 examples of half-faced portraits.

Uhm ... well ...

Uhm … well … by flashbak

Fifty percent

Fifty percent by Mizrak

One Half of Happy

One Half of Happy by Justin Lowery

Half Cat

Half Cat by Mizrak

Half Friends

Half Friends by Grégory Tonon


Awake! by William J Serson

Me (Well.. half of me)

Me (Well.. half of me) by Alex Masters

Commander Hamed

Commander Hamed by looking4poetry

Oana - Half

Oana – Half by Razvan Radu

One Half of Happy

One Half of Happy by Justin Lowery

Better Half

Better Half by Tiago Ribeiro

Ray Ban? Ban Ray? Man Ray? Whatever.....

Ray Ban? Ban Ray? Man Ray? Whatever….. by Thomas Lieser


1/2 by Lauren Marek


Untitled by Lauren Marek


split by Lauren Marek

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  1. Marita

    This is a half-faced portrait that I’ve done.


    Btw, the other photos you have up here are great! I love the first 3 by laurenmark, and the b&w shots! :)

  2. Sheena Rai

    Amazing Photography. Nice Photos And Too Much Attracting.

  3. DCP Web Designers

    Nice photo work – put a different prespective on photography – don’t normally see photograhy like this and I like original work :)

  4. Al3ksandra

  5. t.a

    cool!! great pictures!!

  6. aiva

    nice photo :D

  7. Laura Graham

  8. eka

    great pictures!!

  9. oky

    i can mixwith my half photos… lol

  10. Luke

    Nice images!!

  11. David bise

    Perfect pictures

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