15 Heartfelt Hug Pictures

Because sometimes, all you need is a hug. Check out these 15 hug pictures.


bff by Alex

Fragile hearts

Fragile hearts by Bhumika Bhatia

Jen & Adam

Jen & Adam by Sean McGrath

Down We Go...

Down We Go… by Joshua

aww, pinch cheeks cute

aww, pinch cheeks cute by Benjamin Thomas

Sharing a moment

Sharing a moment by James Rickwood


hug by anurag agnihotri


Untitled by ellyn.


Crazy/Beautiful by Brian

lunchtime hug

lunchtime hug by paddy patterson


Kali&Jenna by Joy Coffman

Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin’ by ashton

An Embrace

An Embrace by Alex Proimos

City Lovers

City Lovers by John O’Nolan

Know What You're After

Know What You’re After by Garry Knight

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