15 Interesting Pictures of Tire Swings

Tire swings are surprisingly versatile photography subjects. Their doughnut shape makes their silhouettes eye-catching, especially in black and white or sunset photos. They’re also emotionally-charged subjects; they can give a picture a happy or sad atmosphere, filled with fun or loneliness. If nothing else, they can make a nondescript tree seem interesting and worth a photo.

tire swing

The Playmate by Gary Heller

tire swing

Prairie Swings by First Light Photography

Summertime fun on the tire swing

Summertime fun on the tire swing by Hinton Photography

The Tire Swing

The Tire Swing by Bonnie Mieth

golden summer sunset tire swing

golden summer sunset by David Gregoire

Tire Swing, Old Decrepid Tree

Tire Swing, Old Decrepid Tree by Katya Smith

tire swing

black and white by Thomas Leth-Olsen

tire swing

Forced Perspective (take 2) by whelleson

Tire Swing

Tire Swing by Kate Mereand-Sinha

tire swing

144/365 by Gibson Regester

Swinging Tree tire swing

Swinging Tree by Doug Geisler

Tire swing

OO by Tim Samoff

Tire Swing

Tire Swing by Jim Pennucci

tire swing

Looking off into the distance by Valerie Everett

tire swing

Image by kristina sohappy

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