15 Nostalgic Treehouse Pictures

Having a treehouse is like having a separate universe you can escape to. You’re literally above the world, with birds and bugs (and a pile of books) to keep you company. Pictures of treehouses are like keyholes, looking into that special universe ruled by children and child-like adults. Whether the treehouse is just a plank of wood or a big, boxy structure balancing who-knows-how on the branches, they’re places of adventure, imagination and nostalgia.


Going Up by reflectionsoflight

Treehouse in Autumn

Treehouse in Autumn by TheAcornCabinet

Forgotten Tree House in the Forest

Forgotten Tree House in the Forest by Kristin Camacho

Secret Hideaway

Secret Hideaway by Emmy


* by Olgierd Rudak


Image by Ffion Atkinson


Treehouse by Moritz Laass


Makaino Farm(入れないツリーハウス)by Bong Grit

Treehouse Present

Treehouse Present by Molly Stevens


wolkenkukucksheim by glasseyes view

Rickety Tree House

Rickety Tree House by Joe


Treehouse 1 by Christian Haugen


now this is a tree house! by PhotKing ♛

Kadir treehouse

Kadir treehouse by Jon Rawlinson

treehouse rope ladder

Image by Caroline

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Cait of The Acorn Cabinet

What a magical post and such lovely photographs! Thank you very much for including my Treehouse in Autumn Photograph. I was oohing an awwing over every single image and wishing I was a kid again! 🙂

Thelma Johnson

Love the tree house photo’s. They’re dynamic

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