15 Pictures of Vintage Thread Spools

Vintage thread spools have a unique beauty. The fact that they’re wooden, and come in many different sizes and shapes make them feel less commercial than modern plastic thread spools. Knowing they’re 50 to 100 years old also adds to their charm, and you can’t help but imagine your grandmother as a young woman sewing clothes for her new family. Thankfully many of the spools have survived, and now make for very interesting still life photographs.

thread spool

Spools Of Joy by J.M. Barclay

thread spool vintage

Vivid Vintage by Havilah Savage

thread spool

Vintage Wooden Spools IV by Jena Carlin

thread spool

Vintage Thread Labels by Jennifer Steen Booher

thread spool

Wooden Spools II by Jena Carlin

thread spool

Corticelli by Lupen Grainne

thread spool

Sewing Spools by Christy Elle

thread spool

All in a Row by Erin

thread spool

vintage spools by shannonblue

thread spool vintage

vintage silk thread by Bunderful

thread spool

sympathetic threads by Kristi Jackson

thread spool

Row of Thread by Amelia

thread spool

Rainbow Threads by Lupen Grainne

teacup thread spool

Cup of Thread by Kelly Newbury

Vintage Thread Spool

Vintage Thread Spools by Jennifer Steen Booher

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  1. Erin

    Thank you, Beth!

  2. Jenn Booher

    Thank you for including my work with these lovely photos.

  3. Douglas Clarke

    I love this set of images and I am sure my wife will really enjoy them. She is a quilter and collects antique sewing items. Thank you so much for posting them

  4. Havilah Savage

    Thanks so much! A lovely post!

  5. Kristi Jackson

    Beautiful post with some gorgeous images about one of my favorite things! Thanks so much for including my image.

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