15 Serene Ocean Sunset Pictures

“The sunrise is God’s greeting – the sunset, his signature.” ~Unknown

An ocean is a naturally breathtaking view, and it only looks better with a beautiful sunset lighting up the backdrop. You can almost hear the waves and smell the ocean as you look through these photographs.

Ocean 1

Marino Rocks With Boat by James Yu

Ocean 2

La Jolla Horseshoe Sunset by Joel Olives

Ocean 3

Lanzada | Galicia – España by Paulo Brandão

Ocean 4

Golden Light by Paulo Brandão

Ocean 5

“Adios Ayer” Goodbye Yesterday by Jason Jenkins

Ocean 6

Sunset in a Perfect World by Eric C Bryan

Ocean 7

Sunset in the Arctic by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Ocean 8

The Journey Home by Paul Bica

Ocean 9

Tide Pools by Zach Dischner

Ocean 10

Foggy Dreamscape by Mike Behnken

Ocean 11

Sweet Escape by Paul Bica

Ocean 12

Arctic Sunset by P J Hansen

Ocean 13

Wind, Water, and Fire; Its All You Need by Zach Dischner

Ocean 14

End of the Day by Paul Bica

Ocean 15

Sea and Rocks by John Fowler

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Michael @ Creative Wedding

These photos are amazing. Breathtaking indeed.

Bruce McConnell

Sorry for the skepticism, but are these real photographs or just exercises in PhotoShop? Personally, I prefer the art of photography without the crutches of technological modification after the fact. Show me the depths & beauty of reality, not the distortions sprung from the imagination. Don’t get me wrong, these are excellent images, just don’t pose them as photography. My apologies to those pictures that are not technologically modified.

Luis Fernández Ordóñez
Still thinking that I fully understand that you are right in your approach, I thought that before practically like you, now that I’ve delved deeper into photographic technology ‘current’, is that this kind of photography needs (yes or yes!) the use of adjustments . Many of these photos were not previously possible, and if they were costing a lot of money in physical material, work space, time and knowledge. The digital age makes everything cheaper and more accessible to users, but also allows for ‘teachers’ who use these means so sublime. It is likely to see these pictures as something… Read more »

Your Pictures are Great .I loved each and everyone of them.

J Warren

Beautiful photos. Good for my soul as a shut -in. Thank you all. Jan

Kim Davis

Check out “Light Finds” by Paul Hassell – He’s a wonderful photographer and has some great water shots!


its fantastic.

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