16 Amazing Tornado Pictures

The southern and mid-western United States are heading into tornado season now. Although living in ‘tornado alley’ is a frightening idea for some people, it’s the most exhilarating time of the year for storm chasers, who get spectacular images while tracking tornadoes. If you fortunately/unfortunately don’t live in tornado alley, you can still find impressive tornadoes (albeit smaller) over the ocean as ‘waterspouts’ or in the desert as ‘dust devils’.

tornado super storm

looks like trouble by rik

twister tornado

Twister by Vicente Villamón

fire tornado

Belgian Waffle burn by Barry M

tormenta en el remolar - tornado storm - little twister

tormenta en el remolar – storm – little twister by Ferran Pestaña

Watersprout tornado

Watersprout by Umberto Salvagnin


Image by NOAA Photo Library

triple tornado water spouts

Triple water spouts by NOAA

Oak Cliff Tornado

Oak Cliff Tornado by Justin Cozart

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Henrik Flensborg

I would never be able to get close enough to photograph a tornado – I would be hiding somewhere safe. Not to mention being afraid of having a piece of flying debris breaking my glass.

Thomas M. Mayer

Oak Cliff really amazing. What a pic. Look really dark and deep

Michael Taylor

Tornadoes are pretty cool, but when you start putting photo shopped images on the site it kind of discredits the rest of the images here.

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