16 Attractive Pictures of Hanging Laundry

Laundry is one of the easiest chores to procrastinate on, especially if you don’t have a dryer. The dirty clothes can be hidden in the laundry bin, completely out of sight, until your wardrobe reaches ’emergency status’. Then, you can buy more underwear… Or, you can finally do the wash and take a picture of your accomplishment. The results can be surprisingly attractive, both for you and the photo.

Laundry Day in Siena hanging clothes

Laundry Day in Siena by Robert Crum

Jewish Man Hanging Laundry Venice Ghetto

Jewish Man Hanging Laundry by Jolita

A Room above the Canal laundry hanging

A Room above the Canal by Robert Crum

Laundry line clothes hanging

Laundry line by Marisa Kestel

Old rustic building hanging laundry

Old rustic building by Ruth Nicholas

The Archway hanging laundry

The Archway by Robert Crum

Venezia Vita hanging laundry

Venezia Vita by Hailey Rose

Incinerator No.3 hanging laundry

Incinerator No.3 by Lisa Howarth

Clean Laundry, Pink House

Clean Laundry, Pink House by Robert Crum

Clothing Line hanging laundry

Clothing Line by jamieariela

Laundry Day in Burano hanging clothes

Laundry Day in Burano by Robert Crum

The Pink Window hanging laundry

The Pink Window by Robert Crum

Black and White Laundry hanging clothes

Black and White Laundry by Lupen Grainne

laundry hanging in Rome

Laundry Hanging in Rome by Alexandra Manzella

Morning Laundry hanging clothes

Morning Laundry by Lisa Howarth

 All the Lovely Laundry hanging clothes

All the Lovely Laundry by Robert Crum

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Beautiful! Clothelines are one of my favorite subjects. I love this collection of hanging laundry photos.

Mark Neal

These are great. They bring real humanity back into architecture.

Marisa Kestel

I love the look of a laundry line of clothes. It is so iconic. Thank you so much for including my black and white image from NYC.

hailey rose

Love this posting! Beautiful. thank you


Lovely pictures- I particularly like the strong colours of the buildings in the background.

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