16 Beautiful Brown Moth Pictures

Bright butterflies get a huge amount of photographic love and attention, while brown moths seem to be barely noticed, unless they’re large and impressive like the Atlas moth. Little plain moths are like wallflowers; they don’t catch your attention, but they’re surprisingly beautiful and fascinating once you begin to focus on them.

lunar moth

Lunar… by VictoriaEnglishCharm

brown moth

Best Winter Coat by Georgie

The Wallflower who never could

The Wallflower who never could by Andrea Meredith

Atlas Moth Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged by bomobob

Lepidoptera brown moth

Lepidoptera by bomobob

brown moth

Moths by Miles of Light

Moth on Window

Moth on Window by amber lane

brown moth

Afterlife by Carl Christensen


moth by Antonio Picascia

A Moth is Born

A Moth is Born by Steve Jurvetson

Luna Moth

Luna Moth by Mike Keeling

dead moth

Image by Lisa Murray

moth on a window

No “Fly on a windscreen”…just a moth on a window… by Torsten Hofmann


Bzzzz by Donnie Nunley


On My Thumb! by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel


Watching by Katelyn Kenderdine

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