16 Captivating Pictures of Milk

Milk and cookies. A bowl of cerealwith lots of milk. A warm glass of milk to help you sleep. Coffee with milk when you’re trying to wake up. Milk goes with almost everything. So be careful when you’re looking at these pictures; you might be tempted to reach for something sweet along with a cold glass of milk.

Day 4/365 - Oreo Splash. milk

Day 4/365 – Oreo Splash. by Caden Crawford

Breakfast milk cereal

Breakfast by Jonathan Lin

Whiskers milk cow

Whiskers by Elisa Moro

banana splash II milk

banana splash II by fRedi

Milking It cereal

Milking It by JD Hancock

Discovery 13/365 milk cookie

Discovery 13/365 by Benson Kua

Danbo Splash milk

Danbo Splash by Andrés Nieto Porras

Good Morning from India! milk cow

Good Morning from India! by Vinoth Chandar

FRESA Y LECHE milk strawberry

FRESA Y LECHE by mirwav

Baking Time milk egg

Baking Time by Louise Docker

Milk sculptures

Milk sculptures by Tambako The Jaguar

January 26th milk cookie

January 26th by Carsten Schertzer

Vietnamese Coffee milk

Vietnamese Coffee by Harald Hoyer


Milk by Michael Hensmann

I'm thankful for the typical mornings. milk coffee cereal

I’m thankful for the typical mornings. by Ben Seidelman

Fruity Loops cereal milk

Fruity Loops by Sherman Geronimo-Tan

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