16 Cool Alleyway Pictures

One of my favorite things about some places in Europe are there abundance of alleyways. It can be a bit unnerving at times trying to find your way around the city with the constant alleyways and side streets, especially if you’re not familiar with the layout and how to tell which direction you’re going in. But getting lost is part of the fun of walking around the city in Europe. I’ve discovered a lot of neat places because I took the wrong alleyway somewhere.

watering hole by mugley

Alley by MorBCN

...desde Potes (Cantabria) by Xavier Fargas

Alleyway in the "Schnoor" in Bremen by The quenni

The Alley by ~Oryctes~

Seaside Alley by marcelgermain

Pacific Street by daltonrooney

Marlon swings by Kevin Steele

Blue Steps by matteo dudek

Mediterranean details by funadium

The Colrs are All Around me by joslynan

succede di notte by Seghene

England's Narrowest Street by *Tom*

Downtown by Pensiero

Middelburg by Jimmy 74

Bubble Gum Alley by 7-how-7

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