16 Delicious Pasta Pictures

Pasta serves two purposes. Its first and primary purpose is photogenicity, whether plain or as part of dish you can take beautiful pictures of pasta. Second, when you are finished taking pictures of pasta you might as well eat it.

Tortellini med svampe og mascarpone by cyclonebill

Tagliatelle with black garlic by Robin

Penne with Pesto by Stuart Webster

Tagliatelle! by Sebastian Mary

Pasta with a Chicken Lemon Cream Sauce by Sharon Mollerus

Pasta by Christian Cable

Pasta in casa by Franco

La pasta che scappa per non finire in pentola!! by Alessandra Oddi

tortellini di pane by fugzu

Fatte in casa by Francesco Colazingari

Childhood Favorite Boxed Mac & Cheese by D. Sharon Pruitt

the postal service:umbrella by Lali Masriera

Spaghetti All' Arrabbiata by Sebastian Mary

Tagliatelle Carbonara by Robin

Happy Pasta by D. Sharon Pruitt

bruce springsteen:secret garden by Lali Masriera

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