16 Excellent Pictures of Longhorn Cattle

Cows are great photography subjects. They can look curious, bored, cute or goofy. If you want a tougher atmosphere, go to Texas for their impressive longhorn cattle.

Texas Longhorn in Field of Bluebonnets

Texas Longhorn in Field of Bluebonnets by Keith Dotson

Texas Longhorn

Texas Longhorn by T Dixon

Weaning Time

Weaning Time by jess merkley

Texas Longhorn

Texas Longhorn by LaDonna Brezik

Texas Western Rustic Cow Longhorn

Nosey by Lorie Leigh Lawrence

longhorn bull resting in a landscape

Big B by Kerry Estey Keith

Curiosity Becomes Him Calf in Bluebonnets

Curiosity Becomes Him by Katya Horner

Longhorns on the Prairie

Longhorns on the Prairie by Randy Nyhof

Texas Longhorn

Opinion by Tracy Carlson

Texas Longhorn Bull

What Befalls by Catamount Digital

The Texas Longhorn King

The Longhorn King by Catamount Digital

Texas Longhorn Bull

We Three Kings by Catamount Digital

Longhorn Bull

Longhorn by Will Folsom

English Longhorn Cattle

English Longhorn Cattle by Sylviane Moss

Longhorn Cows

Beauty and the Beast by TumblingRun

Longhorn Cow

Orange Appeal by JD Hancock

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Katya Horner

Oh my goodness, I want to adopt “Nosey.”

Thank you so much for including “Curiosity Becomes Him” among these wonderful images. Very cool.

Glad to be introduced to this site.


Teresa Dixon

Thanks so much for including my Texas Longhorn in your collection. I really enjoyed looking at the different styles.

I think I might love this site!


LaDonna Brezik

Thanks so much for using my Longhorn in your blog! I just discovered it and I must say – nice examples indeed!

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