16 Excellent Pictures Taken With Film

Although digital seems to be the standard today, film still is quite popular among some photographers. It may take a it of patience and time to master, but once you get it right, you can capture images from film that a digital just can’t perfectly recreate. Here are 16 excellent pictures taken with film.

Mission of mine.

Mission of mine. by Kevin Morris


Untitled by lina bielinytė

landscape, greeves st

landscape, greeves st by Jes

We are golden.

We are golden. by . Entrer dans le rêve


Untitled by Helena Price


季節般,迴圈的追逐。 by Ai-lueh Chen.


Untitled by Leon Rice-Whetton


Untitled by Kevin Morris


Untitled by Jimmy Yen


Untitled by Kevin Morris


Untitled by Kat...B

The hotness from American summer '10.

The hotness from American summer '10. by . Entrer dans le rêve


Untitled by VisualAge

I am on your side.

I am on your side. by Kevin Morris

only the visible aspects

only the visible aspects by I, Timmy

Colors of Havana

Colors of Havana by Anton Novoselov

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andy green

great pics, big difference between these and digi is the tonal complexity, the view is a much closer to how the eye sees it. Digital tends to be extreme in shadows certainly. Great to use to your advantage though, great pics

David bise

Perfect pictures

Jeff Laitila

All due respect, but I am not seeing anything here that can not be done by a person with the correct lens, digital gear, and a working knowledge of RAW processing.

I don’t deny that these are nice images, but this whole film versus digital debate is a dead horse.

Keep shooting, keep creating.

Jeff Laitila

I do have to add that digital is still nowhere close to matching large format film. It will happen someday, just not right now.

Nate Kay

And you’re totally right Jeff…not much different than doing a post about excellent pictures taken with a camera. 🙂 On the other hand, it does make a big difference to some as their opinion of what you shoot with, how you process, film or digital, or anything else defines who you are as a photographer. It’s proof that photography is an art and no matter what you shoot with or how things turn out, people will have differing opinions. Thanks for the thoughts!

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