16 Fascinating Buoy Pictures

A buoy is one of those unremarkable objects that a skilled photographer can make very interesting. Each of the pictures below gives a slightly different perspective on buoys that depends just as much on the scene as on the photographer’s eye. So next time you run into an ordinary thing, like a buoy, try to make it interesting.

If you’d like to see more buoy pictures, you can check out the flickr group Buoyant.

Harbor Buoy

Harbor Buoy by Alison Samborn

Lobster Buoys III

Lobster Buoys III by Alison Samborn

Hanging Buoys

Hanging with the Buoys by Rod Thomas Boyer

The Yellow Buoys

The Yellow Buoys by Eclectic HeArt

Buoys At Dawn

Buoys At Dawn by Milosh Kosanovich

The Morro Bay MB Buoy and Seven Sisters Morros

The Morro Bay MB Buoy and Seven Sisters Morros by Mike Baird

buoy at dawn

Softly Autumn Fades by photo fiddler

buoy in water reflection

Water by Emily

buoys in the mist

Buoyant 2 by Gayle Nicholson

buoy in the water

Tethered by Joshua Zader

buoy in the mud

Marker by Jon Bunting


buoys by Teresa Alexander-Arab

buoy at sea

No Wake by Nomadic Lass

Untiefe! buoy stranded

Untiefe! by Geerd-Olaf Freyer

red buoy stranded

Down By The Sea (Gower) by Geraint Rowland

red buoys floating

Red dots by Håkan Dahlström

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