16 Intriguing Handwritten Note Pictures

There is something more personal and touching about a handwritten note. Maybe it’s because we rely so much on technology today that something other than an electronic message is refreshing. Here are 16 intriguing handwritten note pictures.

vulnerability as a strength

vulnerability as a strength by Amanda Govaert

With all my heart

With all my heart by Sergio Piquer Costea

it's discovered under the couch cushion of the rented house

it's discovered under the couch cushion of the rented house by nancy waldman

both sides of the story

both sides of the story by Chris Blakeley

A Polite Request

A Polite Request by Odd Bod

Gone on a bus ride!

Gone on a bus ride! by Helen Taylor

Note to a Dead Friend

Note to a Dead Friend by Todd Shaffer


BlahBlahBlah by Barb Watson


smile by Vee


Found by Laura Thorne

Words, Post-Election.

Words, Post-Election. by e_walk

good question

good question by Eric

love notes ♥

love notes ♥ by Jessica Garro


Happy by Katey Nicosia

Pointless Note

Pointless Note by David Squire

Note to Matt

Note to Matt by Matthew Maniscalco

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  1. Laurence

    There are some good compositions…
    TY for posting

  2. jmleclercq

    Nice collection…Here’s one of mine : http://flic.kr/p/7XwMCy

  3. Bobbie

    by toddwschaffer, the note to his friend joe (rip), the most touching and truest of heart.

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