17 Cool Pictures of Albino Animals

Animals are rarely white outside of the arctic, which is one reason why albino animals are so fascinating to watch and photograph. Their pure white fur, feathers or skin look great against a single-colored background, such as a blue sky, or highlighted in the sun. An albino peacock can be especially interesting to photograph, since its feathers look like a white halo encircling its head.

White Albino Peacock

White Peacock by Hannah CrazyHawk

Albino Peacock

Albino Peacock by Dale Hall

Albino Blue Jay

Albino Blue Jay by D.S. Brennan

albino squirrel

Albino Returns III by Lauren Liston

albino raindeer

albino raindeer by oskar karlin

Albino Koala-San Diego

Albino Koala-San Diego by Bill Kuffrey

Albino donkeys

Albini by Roberto Cossu

Albino Peacock

Albino Peacock by Jason Tessier

White kangaroo in the grass

White kangaroo in the grass by Tambako The Jaguar

albino alligator

Claude, the albino alligator by Rex Boggs

albino rat

Daisy among the daisies by Tambako The Jaguar

Cute albino ferret

Cute albino ferret by Tambako The Jaguar

white albino peacock

Grooming white peacock by Tambako The Jaguar

White peacock

White peacock again by Tambako The Jaguar

albino buck

Image by danielle christine

Albino monocled cobra

Albino monocled cobra by Tambako The Jaguar

albino deer

bambi friend by

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Not all of these are albino; they are leucistic. There’s a difference.

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