17 Excellent Pictures of Nuns

Since nuns generally wear black, white and/or gray dresses, they make great subjects for black-and-white photography. Depending on the context, they can make a picture seem solemn or comical, constrained or peaceful—perhaps two emotions at once.

Nun Walking along Steps of St Peters Basilica

Nun Walking along Steps of St Peters Basilica by Steven Brincat

Nun and Cross

Nun and Cross by Steven Daniel

The Conversation

The Conversation by Scott Marx

Follow the Light

Follow the Light by shashamane

Nuns on the move 3

Nuns on the move 3 by Skye MacArthur Campbell

meeting point

meeting point by piotr

A lonely nun in a resturant of a tourist spot

A lonely nun in a resturant of a tourist spot by Sukanto Debnath

Nuns On The Run

Nuns On The Run by hipnshoot

roman backstage

roman backstage by Paolo Margari

got the Message

got the Message by Olgierd Rudak


Nuns by Jesús León

morning walk

morning walk by flik

Nuns with Guns

Nuns with Guns by lucyfrench123

Life of a Nun

Life of a Nun by Alex Proimos

Even Walking

Even Walking by Ktoine

Nuns on bicycle... (B&W)

Nuns on bicycle… (B&W) by Klearchos Kapoutsis

break dancing nuns

break dancing nuns by C Jill Reed

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Mary Luz Fernandez

I remember I had a duty in a Home for the agent, all patients where nun. and they are so cute, they would always like give sermon. And I remember them through this pics. Great! 🙂


Breakdancing nuns is an amusing thought. Was this taken with a tilt-shift lens?

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