17 Fascinating Beehive and Honeycomb Pictures

Photographing a single bee perched on a flower takes skill, but not an extraordinary amount of preparation and courage. Photographing a large hive swarming with bees is another story. Although the smoker and hooded suits offer protection, they can’t stop the bees from landing on you or mute their incessant buzzing. Still, beehive photos are unique and can be worth the extra preparation. But if you’re not up to it yet, you can always get honeycomb from a beekeeper and focus on the mesmerizing hexagonal patterns in comfort and quiet.

honey comb bee hive

honey comb by Carl Christensen

Busy little bees hive

Busy little bees by Marisa Kestel

Bees Of Summer beehive

Bees Of Summer by City Limits Photography


Home Is Where I Am With You by Laura

bees and beehive

Bee & Beehive by Kumaravel Thangaraj


Honeycomb by Karunakar Rayker

Baukette aus Bienen

Baukette aus Bienen by Maja Dumat

sweet honey beehive

sweet, sweet honey by Peter Shanks


L.’s hive by Chad Miller

honeybee honeycomb beehive

Touch Down by David Goehring

honeycomb and honeybees

Mellifluous by David Goehring

bee bums honeycomb

bee bums by Peter Shanks

honeybees beehive

Where’s my focus? by Tethys.

honeybees green beehive

Haulin’ Pollen by David Goehring

Bienenflug bei der Lindenblüte

Bienenflug bei der Lindenblüte by Maja Dumat

honeybees honeycomb

Emergence by David Goehring

Honey Bees

Honey Bees by dailyinvention

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Marisa Kestel

Great collection and explanation of this very tricky photographic process. That very day I was stung three times on my head, as the bees got caught in my hair. But once I saw these images, it was all worthwhile.

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