17 Interesting Pictures of Billboards

From a photographer’s perspective, billboards can be either annoying obstructions or fascinating additions to landscape and urban photography. Depending on the setting, a billboard can provide emotion and content in an otherwise empty scene. Photographing advertisements might seem senseless at first, since it’s basically taking pictures of pictures, but the results can be surprisingly interesting.

Billboard Empire

Billboard Empire by Bre Gehrken

Dinosaur Bones billboard

Dinosaur Bones by MyAntarctica

Hanging a Gold Hoarding in Kerala

Hanging a Gold Hoarding in Kerala by Jonathan Kingston

World Fashions billboard

World Fashions by Carla Dyck

Billboard Study

Billboard Study #10 by David Evers

Primavera a Milano

Primavera a Milano by Bert Kaufmann

Time Square

Time Square by Ludovic Bertron

Manhattan Hot Dog Stand from the High Line

Manhattan Hot Dog Stand from the High Line by joiseyshowaa

Tetris Billboard | Vietnam

Tetris Billboard | Vietnam by Martin Terber

girl billboard anarchy sign

A$ by Jérôme

Place de la République Lyon

Place de la République Lyon by FaceMePLS

Times Square Fisheye

Times Square Fisheye by Randy Lemoine

Taksim twilight

Taksim twilight by decafeined

Girl, alone billboard

Girl, alone #2 by Ed Yourdon

Unglued billboard

Unglued by mmarcotte51

neckface begins batman billboard

neckface begins by holycalamity

Empty Billboard

Empty Billboard by West McGowan

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  1. Raissa Verblenden

    beautiful collection. i like the pictures very much!

  2. Jason Hurst

    You had me at billboard. A great subject matter to capture pop culture.

  3. 桂由美 ウェディングドレス

    傘 楽天

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