17 Mysterious Pictures of Masks

Every girl has wanted the chance to wear a mask to a ball at some point, and he instant beauty and mystery a mask adds to any situation is completely irresistible. Look through these 17 mysterious pictures of masks, and you’ll see what I mean.


Masks by Brian Snelson


Masquerade by John Morgan

Shandi-lee XXIV

Shandi-lee XXIV by Shandi-lee Cox


Incognito by Aussiegall

Venice Italy

Venice Italy by gnuckx


Isabelle by Frank Kovalchek


Masquerade by Corinne Day


Masquerade by Keben-k

We Play Endlessly

We Play Endlessly by Helga Weber


Mascherato by Juliana Coutinho

Me With a Mask

Me With a Mask by Lauren Powell-Smothers


Masquerade by Corinne Day

Jackie Martinez

Jackie Martinez by Mark Sebastian


Masquerade by Sean Kirkpatrick

Behind My Mask

Behind My Mask by MahPadilha

Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball by Mark Sebastian


Naomi by April Johnson

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  1. mikaela parry

    Stunning photos, you have captured all the mystery and sensuality that a masquerade mask brings to its wearer.

  2. john august

    very interesting photo…. I am very happy with the photos above mainly Behind My Mask by MahPadilha good lighting and good editing too.
    can be an inspiration to me. thank you… : )

  3. Carl Harvey

    WOW! Simply stunning images, you have inspired me to have a go at at new designs etc…Very well done!

  4. Manaloto Erica Lazaro

    using a mask so very nice to see the person. mask bring a wonderful design to our face :)

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