17 Neat Streetcar Pictures

There are many ways to travel around a city. One of the more unique and affordable ways, if it’s offered, is by streetcar. Here are 17 neat streetcar pictures.

504 light trail

504 light trail by Simon Carr


PanF by Jeremy Brooks

Beacon by the setting sun

Beacon by the setting sun by Jonathan


953 by Olga Caprotti

Rua da Conceição

Rua da Conceição by mosoma

A Street Car Named Bob

A Street Car Named Bob by Mike Bitzenhofer

Hills of Lisbon

Hills of Lisbon by Laurenz Bobke


Stella by Thomas Hawk

King Streetcar

King Streetcar by Irina Souiki

The Old Russian Streetcar

The Old Russian Streetcar by Trey Ratcliff

obchodna street, bratislava

obchodna street, bratislava by brian colson

Tramwaj na Podwalu

Tramwaj na Podwalu by Marek Pałach-Rydzy

First Tram in the Morning

First Tram in the Morning by verdienter Künstler

Tranvia nocturno. Night streetcar.

Tranvia nocturno. Night streetcar. by J. A. Alcaide

Streetcar to the night of Prague

Streetcar to the night of Prague by Jose Maria Cuellar

California Street

California Street by Thomas Hawk


Trolley… by Kıvanç Niş

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streetcar could be a beautiful object like this!! amazing!

Ken Woodcock

Thanks for the streetcar pics, I believe the technology has a lot of promise for the future of urban and RURAL transport.

I call these Electric Cable Cars generically, based on the type of power source.

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