17 Pictures of Teachers, Past and Present

Anyone who knows a good teacher personally, knows that they’re some of the toughest tenderhearted people. Their work takes a great deal of sensitive care and compassion, but also severity, resolve and unyielding leadership. It’s almost a contradiction of abilities, but the best teachers know how to maintain emotional balance and keep humor and stringency side-by-side. Whether you’re looking at teachers from fifty years ago or today, they deserve commendation for their talents.

Chinese teacher

Wang Qinsong’s ‘follow me’ by michael davis-burchat

Victorian Teacher at His Desk

Victorian Teacher at His Desk by Marianne Clancy

teacher Mrs Grace

My 6th Grade Teacher: Mrs Grace by Don O’Brien

The teacher

The teacher by Kevin Dooley

Teacher In Classroom

Teacher In Classroom by www.audio-luci-store.it

Teachers union

Teachers union by Kevin Dooley

J is for Joy teacher

J is for Joy by Susana Fernandez

First grade reading - small group breakout

First grade reading – small group breakout by woodleywonderworks

classroom teacher

classroom by dhillan chandramowli

Read Across America , Vicenza, Italy - US Army - March 2010

Read Across America, Vicenza, Italy – US Army – March 2010 by US Army Africa

our school teacher

our school by woodleywonderworks

Shelley Shott teacher

Shelley Shott by Intel Free Press

Cora Ratto de Sadosky (1912-1981)

Cora Ratto de Sadosky (1912-1981) by Mathematical Association of America


Image by isafmedia

Math teacher

The After Math by Mikey Angels

Dynamics math teacher

Dynamics by Alexander Farley

the professor

the professor by Angelo González

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